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Here, you will discover everything about this millenary science: its origin and history, the value and the meaning of each alphabet letter and much more!

You will be able to calculate the numeric value of your name, your corporate name and assumed name, and even your company brand and products. You can also choose the best name for your pets, and if you are a horse breeder or a cattleman, you will be able to know if the name of your animals, sire or brood mare, will bring the sought after profit. You will find out if a certain address is favorable or unfavorable to be used as a house or as a business, and still if your car number plate is good or bad.

Not to mention the fun you will have surfing on the site, reading curiosities on Numerology and calculating the name of your family members, lovers and friends, and discovering their positive and negative traits

Best of all: you can do it online, checking out results and solutions to a problem (if there is any!) right away. So, have fun, and, should you have any queries, email us your question!

Note: only the car number plate consultation is free of charge, in case the result is bad, the only solution is to change your car.